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A New Year, A New Life


Firstly, I apologise for being offline for a while, but I did it! I moved back to SA and I’m settled into my new home and ready for 2014!

I’m loving the new routine lifestyle. No more getting up at midnight to do a flight. And I barely have to set an alarm as I wake up naturally every morning at 7am. And waking up to the beautiful view of the Helderberg Mountain is a bonus:)


I can’t wait to share with you all my plans/projects for the next couple of months! I did a practice round at a friend’s wedding over the weekend and I’m so excited to be doing this full time. I’ll be uploading her photos soon.

The first project is a competition for all newly engaged couples…So watch my Facebook Page over the next couple of days for the details! The second project is giving basic hands-on Photography 101 lessons on how to use your newly bought SLR camera in all the other modes as well. So if you’re interested, please email or Facebook message me for more information.

And that’s a wrap on my first blog of 2014! So lets welcome the year with open arms! And remember, if you never try, you’ll never know:)

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